Delivered the high voltage infrastructure for a 96,000-panel solar farm during a pandemic.


An upgrade of 6.5 kilometres of high-voltage overhead transmission line was required while keeping the lights on to other customers, plus the delivery of a network switching station and private substation that met two different standards.


Yurika installed the high voltage connection asset of distribution lines, switching station and substation. This included electrical cabling, telecommunications equipment, and the harmonic filter yard, eliminating unwanted harmonics to improve equipment performance and reduce energy costs.

To deliver on time and budget during the depths of Covid-19, Yurika adopted a flexible delivery model that fast-tracked purchasing and supply of goods to the site. The modular switch room, for example, was built in Brisbane and transported to Junee.

A geographical resourcing strategy saw several key personnel relocate to the region, while dozens of local jobs were also created.

66/22kV Junee Solar Farm Substation


  • Green and regional growth
  • 30MW, 96,000-panel solar panel solar farm on 80 hectares of land
  • 6.5-kilometre upgrade of 66kV high-voltage overhead lines to dual fibre optic cable
  • A three-way 66kV switching station that meets two sets of standards
  • A 10-year power purchase agreement supplies Coles with renewable energy.

We completed the project in August 2020 – on time and budget – and the multi-dimensional solution is already delivering big dividends.

The 96,000 solar panels on the farm operate as a single-axis tracking system, following the sun during the day to maximise energy generation. The farm powers grocery stores around the country and has been designed with spare capacity as Australia’s energy mix evolves.

Balancing three different elements was challenging – but achieving our client’s ambitions makes this a stand-out project.

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