Solving your business problems and connecting communities for safer, easier and happier lifestyles.

We understand every business has its challenges, so we work with you to understand your biggest pain points and develop the best sustainable technology solutions to address them. ​

Watch General Manager Yurika Digital Services, Grant Smith, showcase our vision to power imagination to achieve extraordinary things.

Why Choose Yurika Digital Services

Turn-key solutions

We’re with you every step of the way, from inception through to delivery. You no longer need to work with multiple providers, instead, we act as a one-stop-shop that delivers the very latest in digital technology and services.

Safer outcomes

Whether it’s Internet of Things, Facilities Access Management or via our suite of Professional Services we’re focussed on promoting safer outcomes for the betterment of businesses and our communities.

Cost effective

Through enhanced digital enablement our solutions deliver artificial intelligence, machine learning and sophisticated levels of automation that lead to proven efficiency and cost savings.


Our mantra is innovation over invention. With a wealth of new technology at our fingertips, our task is not to create something new; but instead to leverage the best match of existing technology to meet the most complex of business challenges.


Selecting from a range of flexible business models, you no longer need significant capital outlay to embark on our ‘as a service’ journey. We’re here to tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

Always reliable, real-time solutions

Our Tornio platform that hosts our solutions, boasts a proud 99.9% system reliability, monthly - we’re switched on and dedicated to offering you the very best in class.

Value creation across our services

Through our services we provide stand-alone benefits and also drive a range of value creation opportunities for commercial applications, environmental outcomes or simply to improve lifestyles - we’ll help you discover it through our comprehensive asset grading and/or marketplace services.

Latest News

Yurika launches seamless Internet of Things platform

Yurika launches seamless Internet of Things platform

Energy Queensland’s energy services business Yurika is providing customers with an unparalleled management platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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