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Digital-Services- Security

Security underpins our end to end IoT service portfolio

We’re proud of the focus we place on securing data on your devices and ensuring that access and interaction across devices is kept safe. We hold a number of security accreditations and also follow a rigorous set of federally mandated security standards.

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We offer full device management services

Our device management services provide all you need. We’re able to send real-time commands to devices, quickly enabling them to sense and collect data. We’re able to retrieve, monitor and analyse data being stored. Our sophisticated system hierarchy allows us to identify or group devices in a way that provides you the most meaningful data.


Our connectivity management portal keeps you connected

Via purpose-built APIs (Application Programming Interface), our IoT platform offers complete integration with our network operator’s device connectivity management platform. Seamless connectivity to this mobile network allows us to automate your business processes and support business critical communication where you need it most.

We give you access to manage data however you like

We work closely with you to build requirements and register your devices with an organised data hierarchy and set of templates. Only the data you need is collected, stored and reported. Through our state-of-the-art portal, our data management services allow you full control of your data allowing you to model, interpret and process the data as you see fit.

What does it cost?

From full end to end service, to bespoke IoT service options; we have a flexible commercial approach that values direct conversation with you to discuss options and tailor solutions that uniquely meet your business needs.

We offer a variety of fee structures based on your requirements:

  • Service fee + device fee
  • Device fee
  • Per service layer + device fee
  • Per use case + device fee
  • Per use case + service fee + device fee.