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Session time: 9am —10am

Session time: 5pm — 6pm

Session time: 9am —10am

Session time: 5pm — 6pm

The way we’re using technology to manage our world is changing at lightning speed.

As communities, businesses, industries and governments evolve to navigate the future, energy companies, like Yurika, are positioned at the centre of this transformation — bridging the gap between energy solutions, telecommunications and data management.

Yurika is proud to announce the launch of it’s new Digital Services business line.

Offering a sophisticated mix of 5G planning and deployment solutions, including a purpose-built online Facilities Access request handling portal; the team is also at the cutting edge of the very latest Internet of Things technology.

The IoT platform is fully agnostic, connecting any device, via any connectivity solution with any kind of data — creating optimum value within and across an industry ecosystems.

To recognise this emerging team milestone, we’re offering public interest to attend our industry insights webinar: 'Powering possibility through 5G technology & Internet of Things' where we invite you to join the conversation and discuss:

  • Market insights relating to planning and deployment of new 5G technology and IoT
  • Yurika’s Digital Service offerings
  • Case study examples and live platform demonstrations
  • How to get started
  • Questions and answers.

Yurika’s Digital Services team is powering imagination to achieve extraordinary things.

By connecting technology and capability with industries and communities, we are transforming the way we do business, creating new opportunities, solving problems and making all of our lives safer and more sustainable — the possibilities are endless.

We look forward to sharing more with you in our very first industry insights webinar series.