Facilities Access

Yurika's Facilities Access

We build confidence and control in the performance of the distributed assets you manage. Our broad range of infrastructure access consultancy services ensure a smooth experience of new high speed 5G capability.

Facilities Access is the process used by vertical infrastructure owners to allow access to their assets for a variety of reasons. As the demand for more advanced 5G technology increases the need for access to vertical infrastructure also dramatically increases. Alongside partner methodology, customer processes, and an experienced team; here at Yurika, we’re proud to showcase technology to modernise this process.

Why Choose Yurika Facilities Access

Realise asset revenue potential

Through our comprehensive asset grading services, we help asset owners realise the full potential of their vertical asset infrastructure.


Our easy to use online system provides a scalable solution to coordinate and facilitate the roll out of 5G micro/small cell technology.

Online permit processing

Our online, purpose-built facilities access system promotes greater visibility of the facilities access permit application process for both asset owner and submitting operator.

Purpose-built asset data repository

As an asset owner, our online facilities access system provides you full visibility of your asset’s value as well as third party devices associated with each. As an operator, you can very quickly ascertain the cost of the vertical infrastructure you’re seeking.