Facilities Access Asset Owners

We work with asset owners to optimise return on vertical infrastructure assets

Vertical Infrastructure owners all over Australia are at the very centre of advanced 5G connectivity services being deployed and rolled out by our Mobile Network Operators.  At Yurika we understand this and have put together a suite of offerings to bring 5G technology to communities across Queensland and Australia.  If you're looking to increase your capacity through a smooth and rapid deployment of 5G small cell network or whether you're looking to better manage access to your vertical infrastructure — we can help. We make sure you optimise return on your assets.

Whether it’s through our comprehensive asset grading services or radio network frequency designs — we know the market and can give you a good sense of the total worth of your asset base. Our online Facilities Access tool allows us to overlay projected revenue very quickly for leasing space on your vertical infrastructure, helping you to optimise return from your assets, and realise efficiency in your permit application processes. Our online system allows you to track the value you’re extracting from each of your nominated areas or across your asset base in total.

We minimise streetscape impacts

We understand living in a neat community is important. We work with you to minimise impacts to keep our streetscapes and neighbourhoods looking great.

We reduce the number of community complaints you receive

Through careful asset management, deployment schedules, and communication - customers come first.  We identify risks and implement prevention strategies to ensure all round customer satisfaction.

Facilities Access professional services for asset owners

Facilities Access online portal

Through our real-time, online Facilities Access portal, we offer views of vertical infrastructure available across a broad range of Councils and Utilities. We provide visibility of asset grading to provide Facilities Access seekers an indication of the asset’s availability, specifications, and indicative cost. Our online Facilities Access portal allows end-to-end online Facilities Access permit application in a few simple steps. Better yet, processing times for standard requests are significantly faster than ever before. Our system allows request submission and progress tracking. Partnering with Yurika gives provides you a competitive edge in a transforming energy and telecommunications industry

Our leading digital technology, artificial intelligence ensures your investment continually optimises revenue from your assets enabling you to provide the very best experiences for your customers and our communities.

Becoming a customer is easy

If you are a registered company or business, submit and enquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you within to guide you through the process.

We work closely with you to make sure our partnership is a success

Once the customer application process is underway, we will work closely with you to understand your objectives and how we can help. As part of this process, it’s likely that we may need certain financial, credit and non-financial information about your company or business so that we can automate online payments or invoicing. We will be with you each step of the way to make sure this process runs smoothly. Once your application to work with us is processed, you’re ready to upload your asset data into our online system.

Asset Grading Services

Our asset grading services ensure we compliance with regulatory requirements and give you a good sense of the total worth of your asset base. We know the market and can overlay projected revenue for leasing space on your vertical infrastructure so that you know how much it’s worth.5G Radio Network Planning Design Services.

Our radio network planning designs give you the detail you need to identify your most valuable assets based on their location, fibre availability, power signals as well as build options. Having these plans allows you to seamlessly move from planning to project delivery. If you’re interested with design and construct aspects of your project — let us know, we can help with that as well.