Internet of things

IoT offering is a real game-changer for remote locations

Yurika is changing the way utilities, businesses and councils will be able to collect data as well as monitor and manage assets and operations in remote locations.

A trial using environmental sensor equipment that sends data to low-orbit satellites from sections of the Ergon Energy Network in regional Queensland is already providing outstanding results.

Yurika's Internet of Things

Got a business challenge? Chances are Internet of Things (IoT) can solve it by combining the right mix of technologies – we’ll show you how.

Having spent some time researching and developing a variety of IoT case studies, Yurika are excited to expand and bring our contemporary solution to market. Creating insights and addressing business problems, the only limits of IoT is your imagination.

We’re developing a strong presence and positive reputation in the emerging IoT market. By offering a purpose-fit, device agnostic, connectivity agnostic IoT Platform, we provide organisations the unique ability to combine multiple data sets, regardless of platforms, systems, connectivity solutions or devices. Our IoT Platform harnesses all your data in one place so you can process, report, analyse and automate responses through our sophisticated rules engine.

Why Choose Yurika's IoT Platform?

Coupled with our extensive suite of Professional Services, our “As a Service” IoT cloud Platform (IoTaaS) creates a fully managed, scalable, and stable solution to onboard any IoT device, via any means of connectivity.


As a Service”, we guarantee 99.90% availability over the duration of each month. Our services are hosted in geo-redundant, private data centres in Australia. In the unlikely event that the primary source is inaccessible, service can be restored quickly from the secondary source – this means your data is always stored safely in the cloud, for fast retrieval and secure access 24/7.


Our Internet of Things platform is at the forefront of emerging technologies. Our product roadmap and software release plans ensure security patching, upgrades and new features are planned, managed, and released in a way that’s timely and that continually maintains platform integrity and availability. This ensures you receive the very best in class that there is to offer.

Purpose-built environments

Our purpose-built Research & Development platform allows you to test your use case prior to full deployment in our Production environment. This ensures you’re 100% happy that it’ll deliver the value you’re after.

Agnostic IoT platform

Our agnostic, full stack, real-time platform allows you to collaboratively manage your device fleet, connectivity, and process automation through a customisable, modern interface.

No carrier negotiations

By partnering with us, you can avoid lengthy third-party carrier negotiations. We negotiate the best connectivity solution on your behalf, based on your unique business requirements.

Seamless, global coverage

No matter how remote your location, we ensure automatic connection to the best available coverage.

Easily push device data to multiple platforms and systems

Regardless of your device type, existing platforms, or connectivity solution; our Internet of Things solution acts as a central coordination point, bringing together data and allowing easy visualisation.

Dynamic and responsive dashboards

Providing rich data insights, our fully customisable dashboards and widget library allow you optimum visualisation of your data.

Telemetry and trigger alarms

Through sophisticated business process automation, complex event processing and customisable rule chains; you can analyse and set incoming telemetry and trigger alarms to alert you of unique data circumstances. Our remote procedure calls allow rapid control and management of devices.