IoT Environments

The environments of our IoT Platform

Our research and development (R&D) environment allows you to test before you invest

Developers can use our purpose-built R&D environment to unleash their creativity and modify existing Use Cases or even to develop new Use Cases. This environment creates a safe, sand-pit of unrivalled opportunity to build dashboards and see them in action, develop, modify, and configure dashboards and widgets; as well as request updates and/or enhancements ahead of the release into our full production environment.

Create value in our full-scale production environment

In this environment we turnaround successful, tested sandpit use cases into scaled, production solutions to generate the business value you’re after.  Use case configuration which includes dashboards, business rules logic, asset structure, device structure, telemetry and metadata configuration that are created in the R&D environment undergo a short verification test to ensure proposed Use Case configuration changes remain stable in the fully scalable production environment. Once this is done, you’re all set to go and realise the value that IoT brings!