IoT How our Platform Works

How our IoT Platform works

Our IoT platform design is based on the following functional principles

How our platform works

  • Collect data from multiple devices
  • Communicate this data over the connectivity layer
  • Correlate against data from multiple sources
  • Analyse trends based on historic insights
  • Act Interact with devices for continuous improvement
  • Automate improvements to embed new efficiencies.

Our IoT platform process

Using our IoT Platform we’re proud to partner with customers to achieve:

  • Visualised near real time data from devices and sensors
  • Telemetry analysis and triggered alarms with complex event processing
  • Devices control using remote procedure calls
  • Workflows built from device life-cycle events, REST API events, and RPC requests
  • Dynamic and responsive dashboards to present data insights and analysis
  • Business-rule driven, automated actions to trigger alerts, and minimise manual intervention.

IoT applications can be described as devices, sending data or events that are used to generate data volume to analyse, which are used to generate actions to help improve business values or processes.