Manage and access smart infrastructure services

To help you to build confidence and control in the performance of distributed assets that you manage, we offer a broad range of infrastructure access consultancy services to ensure a smooth introduction of high speed 5G capability. Our portfolio includes Mobile Black Spot coverage, enterprise level cellular networks and a range of support services for Internet of Things.

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Facilities access

Looking to increase your capacity through a smooth and rapid deployment of 5G small cell network? Or, are you looking to better manage access to your vertical infrastructure as we move into a more connected world? We offer consultancy services to support you to do all of this and more.

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Shared cellular networks

Connecting communities is what we’re about, so if you’re an operator or internet service provider, looking for voice or cellular connectivity in hard to reach locations – we’re ready to help.


Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity services

If you’re looking for IoT device connectivity – we have it covered. We’re a part of the global IoT evolution, supporting our customers to further their reach and access a greater pool of data and knowledge.

What does it cost?

Our infrastructure management and access service solutions are tailored to your needs. If you’re interested, give us a call on 1300 792 611, or submit an online request.  . We’re keen to partner with you and come up with a pricing structure that meets your unique business requirements.

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We’re connecting with communities to cover Mobile Black Spot areas

At Yurika, connecting our communities comes first. We’re working with large industry and operators to play our part in providing coverage to remote and rural communities. Within the next three years, we’re aiming to target at least 14 Black Spot locations, providing improved mobile coverage as well as a safer, connected lifestyle for our communities.