Yurika's Professional Services

Our quick-thinking specialists are on-hand ready to share knowledge, provide insights and give you the confidence you need to embark upon your digital services journey.

Our broad range of professional services are geared to optimise value

  • 5G Radio Network Planning Design Services
  • Asset Grading Services
  • Pre-construction & readiness services
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Advisory services

Establishment workshops complementing planning and design of our Facilities Access services:

Workshop type Time commitment Indicative cost*

Introduction to Facilities Access & 5G

An ideal workshop to grow your understanding of the deployment of 5G mmWave technology; how it works; impacts on business; and how to capitalise on the emerging opportunity

1 day $4k

Internet of Things Professional Services

  • Customer Onboarding Services
  • Use Case Onboarding Services
  • Use Case Consulting and Prototyping Services
  • Device Deployment Services
  • Device Maintenance and Operations
  • Customised reporting and advanced analytics
  • Application and service development
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data migration
  • Advisory services

Establishment workshops complementing planning and design of our Internet of Things services:

Workshop typeTime commitmentIndicative cost*
Strategic Internet of Things (IoT) planning

From inception to delivery we work with you to plan IoT success and provide you an overview of everything you need to consider for your IoT journey
2 days$7k
Use case (or case study) development

This workshop helps you identify the biggest problems or business challenges you can address through an IoT solution, including how we’d go about it - technology stack selection; as well as work requirements for onboarding, it includes defining, Designing, deploying/onboarding additional Use Cases (functionality) onboarding for existing customers.
3 days$10k
Integration design planning

We work closely with you to explore existing enterprise software, integration points and optimise integration opportunities.
1 day$4k
IoT device selection

Every IoT case has a unique point of difference, and although we don’t offer devices as part of our package, we do offer advisory services and can help you select a device perfect for your use case/case study.
1 day$4k
Cybersecurity strategy design for devices

This workshop ensures all elements of cybersecurity have been considered as part of your IoT device deployment. Our strategy will provide you a suggested long-term approach to protect your devices from threats and breaches, will identify potential risks and offer solutions to mitigate device vulnerabilities.
1 day$4k

IoT implementation project scope and schedule defining

Complementary to our onboarding process, this workshop offers a tailored, more comprehensive program delivering a detailed implementation schedule and information.

1 day$4k

*Pending agreed scope and desired outcomes