Yurika’s in-house capability to perform all design, engineering and electrical aspects of electrical infrastructure projects means it can proactively mitigate risk, so your project deliverables remain on schedule – reliability, affordability, and quality assurance assured.

Grid connection and power system studies

Yurika’s engineers have extensive experience working with network service providers, ensuring the ability to support grid connections throughout Australia.

Grid connection and power system studies capability statement (PDF 277.8 KB)

Modular manufacturing

Yurika’s modular solutions are an appealing alternative to bricks-and-mortar construction, offering precision engineered solutions that enable project management savings, rapid on-site works and simplified logistics.

Modular manufacturing capability statement (PDF 270.3 KB)

Operational maintenance and refurbishment

Yurika’s operational maintenance solutions are designed to safeguard and optimise your generation and/or high voltage connection assets.

Operational maintenance and refurbishment capability statement (PDF 261.7 KB)

Overhead powerlines

Yurika has the capability to offer full turnkey solutions for all overhead line connections, maintenance and decommissioning, including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) works.

Overhead powerlines capability statement (PDF 257.4 KB)

R1 and R2 testing

Yurika can support the finalisation of AEMO registration by conducting reviews and adjustments of the modelling (PSSE and PSCAD) for numerous Generator Performance Standards (GPS).

R1 and R2 testing capability statement (PDF 322.6 KB)

Substation design

Yurika’s team of senior project managers specialise in high voltage design, installation and maintenance as well as testing and commissioning of complex electrical infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

Substation design and construction capability statement (PDF 279.0 KB)

Testing and commissioning

Testing and commissioning of high voltage equipment is critical to the long-term performance of your valuable assets. Yurika provides testing and commissioning services from factory acceptance through to commissioning and energisation.

Testing and commissioning capability statement (PDF 281.1 KB)