Modular manufacturing

Yurika has a wealth of experience and expertise in the energy industry. With manufacturing facilities in south east Queensland, our specialist products and services are focused on modern energy solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

Our products

Our products are precision engineered to the strictest utility grade standards, constructed and fitted out in a specialised production facility, delivered safely to site in a modular format and installed.

Yurika’s factory-built solutions are an appealing alternative to bricks-and-mortar construction and deliver proven benefits as follows below.

Factory built precision

Guarantee of factory-built precision. Yurika experts supervise all construction work, from the core build to fitout and final site installation.

Superior design capabilities

Factory-built infrastructure can handle the harshest conditions in the field, with options available to meet the most demanding specifications across a range of criteria.

Major project management savings

Costs for our factory-built structures are typically much lower than construction methods requiring on-site works. This allows you to continue asset roll-out even when there is pressure on capital availability.

Simplified logistics

Our factory-built approach eliminates construction related risk factors such as bad weather, availability of skilled labour and remote site access and accommodation.

Rapid on-site works

Roll-out can be further fast-tracked by simultaneously engaging off-site building production and on-site civil construction work. Products include:

  • Low voltage switch rooms
  • High voltage switch rooms (11kV to 145kV)
  • Communication room and data centres
  • Skid mounted substations
  • HV injection units
  • Skid mounted primary plants.

Please download a printable version of our Modular Manufacturing Expertise (PDF, 270 KB)