Operational maintenance and refurbishment

Yurika’s operational maintenance solutions are designed to safeguard and optimise your generation and/or high voltage connection assets.

Maintenance services

Preventative maintenance activities are routinely conducted by Yurika’s expert team in a number of environments.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Operational mine sites
  • Network systems
  • Renewable projects.

High voltage maintenance

When it comes to high voltage assets, relevant experience, specialist expertise and safety are paramount. Our highly experienced field services team routinely conduct:

  • Substation maintenance
  • Communication maintenance
  • Test maintenance
  • Safety testing
  • Line works and line maintenance
  • Inspection of overhead distribution systems
  • Thermography of high voltage connections
  • Substation earth resistance tests
  • Protection system inspection and maintenance
  • Approval of the maintenance schedule.

Maintenance services

Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise in the energy industry, we at Yurika, develop customised services in collaboration with our clients to ensure you get the best solution, backed by our support, service and resources.

Maintenance services include:

  • Initial site audit, including electrical drawing validation
  • Identification of corrective works
  • Development of an approved routine maintenance plan
  • Forced (emergency) corrective works
  • Corrective works
  • High voltage switching.

Yurika understands the importance of maintaining the reliability and performance of high voltage assets. With a long-established track record of delivering a range of comprehensive products and services tailored to individual customer needs, Yurika has an impressive list of successes on major and long-term projects. We understand the value of developing sustainable and effective business relationships.

Please download a printable version of our Operational Maintenance and Refurbishment Expertise (PDF, 261 KB)