R1 and R2 testing

Yurika can support the finalisation of AEMO registration by conducting reviews and adjustments of the modelling (both PSSE and PSCAD) for the following Generator Performance Standards (GPS) deliverables:

  • Negotiated Generator Performance Standard
  • Generator Performance Standards
  • AEMO issues tracker
  • Connection study (All relevant GPS clauses)
  • Benchmarking report (PSS/E & PSCAD)
  • SCR and X/R model stability assessment
  • PSCAD Multi Machine Infinite Bus study
  • Generator data sheets and capability curves
  • For construction drawings package (incl. Electrical, * Civil, Mechanical, Comms, SCADA)
  • Equipment specifications
  • Protection study
  • PVSyst calculation & DC design report
  • Voltage control strategy, including coordination of AC
  • DC voltage
  • Model of collector system (Power Factory)
  • Collector system/feeder voltage variation assessment and confirming thermal rating of collector system and transformers
  • Short circuit level assessment
  • Harmonics study
  • Energy conversion model
  • SCADA signals list
  • System strength impact assessment.

Yurika’s R2 capability

As part of R2 deliverables, we prepare pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures and verify their compliance with local NSP, AEMO and contractual requirements.

We identify types of testing, as required, to achieve the commissioning scope and oversee testing and commissioning processes throughout each stage of the project lifecycle Hold Point testing.

Yurika can prepare or review commissioning reports from all site-based commissioning activities, as required. Hold Point reports are prepared and reviewed by Yurika’s renewables engineers.

As part of a full-service offering, we can provide Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&MMs) or operational philosophies to support ongoing operational activities.

Our team of highly qualified personnel are familiar with programming and extracting data from power quality meters (PQMs) - for example, Elspec, ION meters - which is utilised for data analysis and creation of Hold Point test reporting by the renewables team.

We are capable and familiar with a range of SCADA systems (GPM SCADA etc) required during the Hold Point testing process. We are familiar with the use of secondary injection test equipment (Doble F6150, Omicron CMC 256/356) and have the capability to develop protection test plans to successfully test protection relays which provide settings and logic relative to the protection scheme.

Please download a printable version of our R1 and R2 Testing Expertise (PDF, 322 KB)