Integrating renewable energy into remote communities

We delivered a renewable energy solution featuring secure remote monitoring capabilities that was integrated with the local power station and across multiple remote sites


The risk of an outage caused by the abundance of renewable generation when demand was low, meant renewable generation needed to be curtailed. To reduce the amount of curtailment the systems had to communicate in real-time with the power station to continuously balance inputs into the microgrid and avoid compromising the reliability of electricity supply.


Using ground-breaking technology, our solution featured a scalable micro-grid controller. It communicates with different distributed energy resources (DER) while at the same time, providing secure remote monitoring capabilities.

This means the DERs and diesel-powered generators can work together, allowing renewable generation to fluctuate in line with live demand - maximising renewable energy over diesel.


Delivering on Doomadgee’s future energy mix requirements, this project brought together renewable energy and groundbreaking technology to produce a range of long term social, financial and environmental benefits, including:

  • More than 15% of the community’s power provided by renewable energy
  • Improved reliability electricity supply (more solar than any remote community in Qld)
  • Meeting the community’s energy needs for decades to come

Please read our case study for more information about this project: Integrated solar farm case study (PDF, 333KB)