Yurika’s Digital Services team, along with partners, Lixia, VirtuGrp and Evoenergy, are set to deploy a new range of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors on a section of Evoenergy’s electricity distribution network in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Recognising the challenges of monitoring and managing asset health, Yurika’s Executive General Manager, Carly Irving, is an advocate of working closely together with Distribution Network Service Providers to provide new and innovative solutions.

“The height of conductors off the ground poses significant safety and community risks and we’re very keen to forge new ways forward using new technology to manage this.”

“Keeping the community safe is paramount” Carly said.

“This trial in the ACT follows a similar pole top sensor trial that was held across a number of sites in North Queensland, but this time, pushes our data gathering capability even further.”

“These devices are fantastic. From artificial intelligence and image recognition capabilities to soil moisture, conductivity and temperature measurements, the sensors are also able to measure things like conductor temperature that are helpful in calculating assumed electrical load”.

Not only does Yurika’s latest initiative tackle the challenging topic of clearance to ground and clearance to structure, it also seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the impacts of environmental conditions on asset health.

Through the use of sophisticated, purpose-built IoT devices developed by IoT sensor provider, Lixia, new devices, including the PUKEYE, SoilPUK and LineLiDAR, are set to monitor a variety of factors contributing to asset health in different environmental conditions.

“The sensors can monitor for asset interference from vegetation, wildlife and debris, under normal conditions and for network management during storms and bushfires. Temperature monitoring on conductors can also provide additional information to asset planners for network design” Carly said.

“We know our platform will deliver immediate safety benefits to Evoenergy in terms of near real-time notifications and network status generated by Yurika’s IoT platform. We are hopeful that these new and rich data insights will facilitate improved prioritisation of work based on better visibility of asset health and performance”.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the results that this initiative delivers”.

Yurika collaboration creates remote connectivity options.

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