Yurika is an organisation that understands your business and being energy experts we work to help solve the energy challenges you face.

Our team is born out of generations of knowledge and experience delivering a fresh, positive approach to managing your electricity.

We are focused on creating innovative solutions that meet your individual needs and help you save money. Offering superior choice and unrivalled expertise, we put Queensland and Australia at the leading edge of energy, now and in the future.

We will deliver more jobs across regional areas and nationally, including through partnerships with local electricians.

what we do

Solar panels facing the sun

Virtual Power Plant

Welcome to a whole new way. Utilising new technology and collaborating with our partners, we are reducing their bills and helping them to maximise the value of their embedded generation assets by accessing new sources of revenue in energy markets. In addition, our customers have the ability to take demand off the system, thus benefiting all network users. The Virtual Power Plant is a cloud-based platform that intelligently manages different power sources. It responds to energy markets by increasing liquidity and reliability of the system, and lowers prices. This is a long-term, sustainable solution, allowing us to optimise the use of energy.

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Infrastructure and Utilities Team

Infrastructure and utilities

The Yurika team understands the challenges in building and maintaining your utility assets while you need to focus on your core business and we are here to help. We provide leading edge infrastructure and utility products and services spanning the entire electrical and communication asset lifecycle. With unrivalled expertise and capability, we are a dynamic, hands-on business partner you can rely on for tailored, cost effective, fit-for-purpose electrical and communication infrastructure solutions, right across Australia.

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At Yurika, we have got your measure. By teaming with the latest metering technology providers and with innovative information management systems, we create solutions that help maximise data availability to drive better decisions and control around your energy needs. This will also reduce costs and assist with compliance reporting. We offer a comprehensive range of multi-utility metering, information and energy measurement solutions including analysis on all metering schemes, equipment supply, installation and maintenance. You can rely on Yurika, Australia-wide for dynamic, dependable and proven energy management systems.

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Imagine a new type of grid that offers your business energy independence. Yurika’s microgrids provide localised delivery of reliable, economical and eco-friendly energy. Your business can benefit greatly from the backup potential and increased energy independence offered by a microgrid solution.

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Commercial and Industrial

At Yurika, we understand that if you want to achieve better outcomes, you need to take a fresh approach. That is why we are focused on bringing the latest technologies to market, designed to help our commercial and industrial customers successfully navigate the complexities of regulation and requirements. Whether your project is large or small, we will partner with you to identify key areas where you can reduce energy costs, save time and limit operational risk, without compromising safety or standards. Isn’t it time your business had a Yurika moment?

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Image of Smart Rooftop Solar installed on Cowboys leagues club roof

Smart Connected Solar

Born from generations of knowledge and experience, our Smart Connected Solar is delivering a fresh and positive approach to powering business. Our solar solution is an integrated, data-driven, smart solar energy solution that will put your business in control by streamlining your energy management. Let us show you how to take sustainable energy to the next level with Smart Connected Solar.

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We see huge potential for local energy entrepreneurs to rapidly accelerate new ideas for products and business models through the EnergyLab. Find out more in the Newsroom

Energy Charter

Yurika, as part of the Energy Queensland group of companies, is a proud signatory to the Energy Charter, which brings together energy businesses across the nation with the aim of improving customer outcomes.

The customer-focused goals of the Energy Charter align perfectly with those of Yurika – which aims to keep customers’ needs at the core of everything we do. You can read the 2018-19 Energy Charter Report for our progress against the Energy Charter and its principles.

The signatory organisations to the Energy Charter are committed to working together to build a customer-centric culture and to create real improvements in price and service delivery – that are in line with customer expectations

The Energy Charter upholds collective accountability within its member organisations, so customers can have confidence about their energy choices in the knowledge that the energy sector is working for their best interest.

We welcome feedback to help us improve our reporting.

Comments can be directed to energycharter@energyq.com.au

Find out more about the Charter at www.theenergycharter.com.au.

The five Energy Charter principles

  1. We will put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system
  2. We will improve energy affordability for customers
  3. We will provide energy reliably, safely and sustainably
  4. We will improve the customer experience
  5. We will support customers in vulnerable circumstances.


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