Governments and councils face many complex issues and are constantly challenged to deliver services in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

We work together with our customers to look for practical, workable solutions that make a difference to solving pressing challenges faced every day across a range of areas in the community including energy generation and storage; infrastructure solutions; metering; telecommunications and connectivity, as well as digital technology.

If you’re interested in paving a new way for the future and feel you’re able to positively contribute towards holding a position that advances energy, connectivity or sustainability, explore the career opportunities we have on offer, submit an application and or express your interest in roles that are yet to be advertised.

Our solutions

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Connecting council services

We successfully increased our client’s data speed from between 2 and 10 Mbps to 1 to 10 Gbps.
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Recent case studies

Building a world of opportunity with solar power solutions

Delivered the high voltage infrastructure for a 96,000 panel solar farm during a pandemic.
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Recent case studies

Substation delivered in 14 weeks

Typically, a solar farm substation project takes 12 months from design through to commissioning - this project had only 14 weeks.
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Recent case studies

Integrating renewable energy into remote communities

We delivered a renewable energy solution featuring secure remote monitoring capabilities that was integrated with the local power station and across multiple remote site.
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The world’s longest electric super highway in one state

This project demonstrates Yurika’s commitment to put Queensland at the leading edge of energy technology.
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Game-changing way to manage assets in remote locations

Yurika is changing the way utilities, businesses and councils will be able to collect data as well as monitor and manage assets and operations in remote locations.
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Recent case studies

Smart connected solar

Yurika designed, constructed and integrated a 452kW Smart Connected Solar Solution, which included installation of 1,222 solar panels and 14 inverters, spread across five building rooftops.
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Powering retailers with solar energy

Realised cost savings and delivered on QIC's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.
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Capabilities to support government & councils

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