Technology and telecommunications businesses play a pivotal role in creating digitally adaptive enterprises.

People, objects, and things – online and offline, one to one, one to many, or many to many; are now connected using digital technology. We form part of communities that generate energy and that store, analyse, and manage data collected by sensors and mobile terminals through a growing and established network.

This rapid acceleration creates complexity and challenges that we try to keep simple by enabling you to stay focussed on outcomes, unlocking opportunities and optimising your business.

Providing advanced connectivity through our telecommunications capability, as well as our metering and digital technology; we provide insight, experience and on-the-ground delivery to technology and telecommunications industries delivering full turn-key solutions, tailor-made to each unique need.

Our services include:

  • Telecommunication infrastructure – full value-chain delivery
  • A variety of high-speed connectivity solutions
  • 24/7 operations centre support and maintenance
  • 5G planning and deployment solutions including a purpose-built Facilities Access Management platform
  • Internet of Things solutions – device agnostic, data agnostic and connectivity agnostic, allowing anyone, anywhere to bring any device and data together, combining it with any other source of data they’d like to see
  • An array of metering options to ensure you optimise utility management (gas, water and electricity) and establish a network of points of presence to unlock even further future capability

Our solutions

Recent case studies

Game-changing way to manage assets in remote locations

Yurika is changing the way utilities, businesses and councils will be able to collect data as well as monitor and manage assets and operations in remote locations.
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Recent case studies

Connecting council services

We successfully increased our client’s data speed from between 2 and 10 Mbps to 1 to 10 Gbps.
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Recent case studies

Creating industry-leading metering technology for a marine environment

Yurika developed an innovative and cost-effective metering solution to record the electricity and water consumption of berthed vessels at port.
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Recent case studies

Private: Delivering high speed internet to a remote farm

Yurika delivered fast, reliable and affordable internet to a farm operating in a remote area with minimal infrastructure.
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Recent case studies

Remote medical access

Communicating via video link with a large hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Recent case studies

Information portal for a national hotel chain

Yurika provided a solution for a national hotel chain, with nearly 40 sites across Australia, that specified how much gas and water was being used at each hotel so they could meet their compliance reporting obligations.
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Recent case studies

Sub-metering solution for a 30-storey high-rise

We developed a sub-metering solution for the owner of a 30-storey high-rise that enabled them to measure and monitor the electricity consumption of each of their tenants.
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Capabilities to support technology & telecommunications

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