Ancillary metering solutions

Our ancillary metering solutions relate to hardware services and solutions we can provide or enable in addition to the physical meter.

Output Pulsing & SMARTHUB Modbus Outputs

We can enable your electricity meter to provide output services, such as pulse outputs and MODBUS capability.

Pulsing outputs can be sourced directly from the metering infrastructure to provide consumption data directly to Building Management Systems. Meters can also be activated to provide register information in a MODBUS format, suitable for direct connection to Building Management Systems.

Please refer to the Output Pulsing fact sheet (PDF 1.0 mb) for more details.

We offer three pulsing services and one MODBUS output option:

  • Option 1 – One-pulse output
    • Watt-hour pulse per metering point
  • Option 2 – Three-pulse outputs
    • or 30-minute time synchronisation pulse
  • Option 3 – MODBUS output
    • SmartHub Device supplied and installed to provide a predetermined list of 31 registers Enables third party connectivity to meter for BMS interface
  • Option 4 – Pulse Sharing
    • Pulse Splitter device supplied and installed (passive device). Enables sharing of meter pulse with another device. Also available for water and gas pulse meters.

Please note:

  • Output pulsing can also be installed as part as part of both NEM and Multi Utility Sub-Metering solutions
  • We can only provide Output Pulsing to Market metering installations when nominated as the Metering Provider (MP)
  • As output pulsing data is not collected by the Metering Data Provider, the data is not validated, warehoused, or backed up
  • The requirements for configuration of output pulsing varies based on the capability of the existing onsite metering installation.

CT Testing

As a registered metering provider (MP), Yurika’s metering business is required to identify, scope and run tests for Current Transformers (CTs) on sites to ensure equipment accuracy, safety and reliability.

Please refer to the CT Testing brochure (PDF 348.0 kb)for more details.

We provide a CT testing (secondary injection) service, involving the following:

  • Identification of the site/NMI/metering point to be tested (Retailer/Responsible Person (RP)* notified of the possible site to be tested)
  • Approval of the site/NMI/metering point by the Retailer/RP
  • Carry out a site visit/scope to confirm that test can be done and  to check the following:
    • Identify any site induction requirements
    • Confirm that CT testing can be done
    • Find out if the CT testing can be done in normal working hours or after hours
    • Upon customer approval to proceed with testing - CT test work is programmed
    • CT test is carried out and a detailed test report is prepared
    • Test report is retained at Yurika and can be forwarded to the Retailer/RP if requested.

Please note: if a site/NMI/metering point cannot be tested, we will notify the Retailer along with the reason for why the test cannot be carried out.