Embedded network metering & services

Within an embedded network there are a number of services that can be provided: Embedded Network Operator (ENO), Metering Solutions (Installation, operations & management), Embedded Network Manager (ENM) Services & Metering Services (MC, MP, MDP).

Yurika provides pattern-approved, NEM compliant metering solutions and can act as the Embedded Network Manager. We can also act as the Metering Coordinator, Metering Provider and Metering Data Provider as part of our NEM metering services.

What is an Embedded Network?

An embedded electricity network is a private network within a building or self-contained site that serves multiple customers or end users (tenants).

All the electricity to the site is delivered through one parent connection in the National Electricity Market (NEM). This connection is commonly referred to as the “gate” meter.

Past the parent connection the asset owner (commonly the building owner) takes ownership and responsibility for the electrical infrastructure, switchboards, ducts and reticulation. In some instances, they also take ownership of the tenancy meters.

The building/embedded network owner appoints an Embedded Network Operator (ENO) to manage the purchase and on-selling of electricity to end users via a “large market customer” or “bulk” tariff.

In some jurisdictions, embedded network customers have the option to remove themselves from the ENO retail contract and receive electricity supply from their retailer of choice, who then become what is known as an “on-market” embedded network customer.

Embedded networks can contain residential, business or a combination of customers depending on the location and type of installation.

Typical embedded network installations include:

  • Apartment blocks
  • Caravan parks
  • Retirement villages
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Office Blocks.

What is the role of the Embedded Network Manager (ENM)?

We can be appointed by an Embedded Network Owner (ENO) / Exempt Embedded Network Service Provider (EENSP) to provide ENM services by entering into a services agreement.

Our Embedded Network Manager services include:

  1. Establishment
    1. Collection of drawings and documentation relating to the Embedded Network
    2. Review of electrical layout and connection points
    3. Embedded Network Code creation/transfer
    4. National Metering Identifier (NMI) allocation for child connections
    5. Standing Data collection
    6. Allocation of Distribution Loss Factors and Network Charge Codes
  2. Ongoing Management
    1. Ongoing compliance of Embedded Network
    2. Creation/abolishment of Child NMIs
    3. Perform role of LNSP
    4. Annual AEMO audit
    5. Notifications to other Market Participants when required
    6. Ensuring data retention and security is upheld
    7. Dispute resolution and complaints handling.

Contact us for further information and to understand how we can assist you in establishing or management of an embedded network.