Queensland's Electric Superhighway enters new era

27 Jan, 2020

The world's longest electric vehicle highway in a single state, the Queensland Electric Super Highway, will soon charge one of the lowest user fees for EV motorists in Australia.

From Tuesday, 28 January 2020, QESH users will be charged 20 cents per kilowatt hour when they connect their EV for a top up. EV owners have enjoyed free charging at the 18 QESH sites since the first QESH charging station came on line in Cairns in January 2018.

Yurika’s Acting Executive General Manager James Miller-Randle said the company, part of Energy Queensland, was proud to offer a charging rate that was one of the lowest in the country.

“This rate compares very favourably to other EV fast charging rates throughout the country and is extremely competitive compared to driving an internal combustion engine vehicle,” he said.

Based on the most recent customer usage data, around 80% of users are expected to pay around $5.00 each time they charge their electric vehicle with an average cost of $3.00. At these expected costs, EVs are highly favourable compared to other non-EV transport options.

"EVs not only reduce fuel costs for Queenslanders, but are an environmentally-friendly transport option, particularly when charged from renewable energy like the QESH,” Mr Miller-Randle said.

“Yurika, Energy Queensland’s energy services company, is very proud to operate the QESH network for the Queensland Government.”