Yurika powers ahead to connect communities

28 Apr, 2021

Lixia’s robust, low-cost, low-energy, wireless environmental sensors work with all types of infrastructure to provide a diverse range of valuable data to businesses. Built and developed in Townsville, Queensland, this technology is set to revolutionise the built environment.

Partnered with Yurika’s leading edge, Internet of Things Platform, organisations can now have access to rich data enabling greater automation and artificial intelligence capability.

Offering full end-to-end, turn-key Internet of Things services – Yurika makes it easy for any business to become part of the Energy 4.0 revolution.

Internet of Things creates:

  • safer, more secure lifestyles;
  • greater efficiency and productivity across industries;
  • a much improved, more reliable customer experience.

Accelerate capacity, power possibility, transform lifestyles and connect communities through Internet of Things, today.