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The world of transportation continues to evolve, which is why Yurika, partnering with Siemens, is committed to innovating and reinventing the charge toward contemporary transport, and offers a range of products to power this transition.

Meet the VersiCharge AC series with a new and improved design, enhanced features, faster charging, and increased reliability and safety — a cost effective method to charge your EV journey.

Smart building enabled

If you have more than one EV, the VersiCharge has an easily scalable parent-child configuration.

Child units can be connected to the local network via WLAN or ethernet. This central communication interface to OCPP backends provide additional communication capability via UMTS LTE / 4G (SIM card necessary).

Modbus technology VersiCharge AC chargers can enable smart buildings and dynamic load management.

Smart grid

Yurika can connect your new VersiCharger to your renewable energy source.

Variants for IEC market are available as Single or Three phase models with a maximum of 7.4 or respective 22 kW of maximum power.

Multi charger option

Multiple chargers can be installed on various mounted post options. This provides a smaller footprint for multi-tenanted buildings or small carparks.

Single charger option

Wall mounted (includes mounting bracket) with a 7m charging cable and integrated cable tidy means a sleek look, and easy install.

"Siemens has built a strong partnership with Yurika to develop local capability into the growing EV infrastructure market."

Jeff Connolly, Chairman and CEO of Siemens Australia Pacific

Siemens partners with Yurika
Siemens Sicharge AC CC2 Product Codes

002483584  Child, Socket, 7kW, 1Ph
002483592  Parent, Socket, 7kW, 1Ph
002483600  Child, Socket, 22kW, 3Ph
002483618  Parent, Socket, 22kW, 3Ph
002483626  Child, Tethered, 7kW, 1Ph
002483634  Parent, Tethered, 7kW, 1Ph
002483642  Child, Tethered, 22kW, 3Ph
002483659  Parent, Tethered, 22kW, 3Ph

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