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Our end-to-end 5G small cell and fibre roll out online, digital platform, lets you explore the possibilities of an easily discoverable, optimised asset base.

Facilities Access Management Platform

About 5G small cell technology

5G is needed to set the foundations to fulfil the demand of consumer streaming, massive IoT (such as smart city applications), and mission-critical control (smart hospitals and emergency response).

The newest spectrum is faster and more reliable than previous 3 & 4G, however unlike the previous spectrums, 5G needs a higher density with small cells required every few meters.

Vertical infrastructure, such as street lights, bus stops and electricity poles, will be in peak demand as Carriers look to monetise their 5G mmWave spectrum licences.

Our broad range of 5G Professional Services are geared to optimise value across:

  • 5G Radio Network Planning Design Services
  • Asset Grading Services
  • Pre-construction & readiness services
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Advisory services

Facilities Access services

Workshop complementing plan and design for 5G rollout

*Pending agreed scope and desired outcomes

Workshop typeTime commitment
Introduction to Facilities Access & 5G — A workshop to grow your understanding of the deployment of 5G mmWave technology; how it works; challenges and opportunity for business; and you can how to capitalise / benefit 1 day *

Our role in end-to-end 5G small cell planning and deployment


  • 5G site asset grading: we will evaluate your asset and assign them a category of Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze, they are then loaded into our purpose-built Facilities Access platform.
  • 5G site discovery: carriers along with SAED partners can discover and identify appropriate council assets, displayed with their grading on our digital Facilities Access platform.
  • 5G site facilities request handling: carriers and site acquisition engineering design partners can apply for access to available 5G sites within the platform.


  • 5G site application: asset owners can review designs and applications within the portal.
  • 5G site approval: asset owners can approve, reject ore request more information of applications within the portal.


  • 5G pre-construction & site make ready: here we can conduct all relevant site audits and verifications on your behalf.
  • 5G site build: we have extensive capability in tower and infrastructure builds.
  • 5G site hosting (neutral host): we provide access to assets that are fully prepared to provide 5G mobile broadband services. All civil works, power, fibre, and radio units are pre-loaded onto new vertical infrastructure ready for the service carrier to activate their service at a time which best suits them.
  • 5G site hosting (open access): where there isn’t a need to have more than one radio unit installed, we can offer bespoke, open access solutions.


  • 5G device installation and deployment: once your permit has been approved, and your site is ready; we are licensed, qualified, and ready to safely assist with the installation and deployment of
    your device.
  • 5G asset and device operation and maintenance: long term, we have capability to operate, manage and maintain your devices, also providing access to a 24/7 support services centre.
  • Equipment testing and supplies management: we have ready access to state-of-the-art in-house testing facilities, as well as multiple distribution centres to efficiently manage the storage, logistics and operations of your spare parts and supplies.
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