Are you exploring better ways to operate power independently, or distribute and meter your power consumption? If so, our microgrid and embedded network solutions might be just what you’re looking for.

We offer extensive experience in the distribution network and understanding of metering which supports our capability to efficiently engineer and construct, microgrids or networks that are geared at optimising revenue for network owners. We can navigate the complex worlds of connection applications, sourcing off-takers and can deliver results in every stage of a project’s development lifecycle.

Our in-house capability enables us to streamline processes and deliver savings in energy management by buying electricity in bulk and selling it to tenants through our specialised, tailored-made embedded network solutions.

Growing in demand as businesses and communities strive for reduced carbon emissions, our microgrid technology allows customers to achieve energy independence delivering localised reliable, economical and eco-friendly energy. Leveraging our longstanding experience in the energy sector, we’ve built upon our technical expertise to research, develop and build fit-for-purpose and tested microgrid concepts.


A microgrid is made up of high penetrations of distributed energy resources, which could include solar PV, wind farms and battery storage.

These distributed energy resources are systematically coordinated through an energy management system that stores and distributes energy to a common community.

Embedded networks

Private electricity networks which serve multiple premises and are located within, and connected to, a distribution or transmission system through a parent connection point in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Are you exploring your power options?
Operate power independently, or distribute and meter your power consumption — we’ve got you covered.