With significant advances in energy and communications technology, the world is moving towards more connected communities.

More options are now available in terms of energy generation, through renewable alternatives; online connections are more pervasive than ever, and network speeds, are faster than ever before. These significant improvements in availability and accessibility of both energy and connectivity mean that communities can now access energy, information and services around the clock.

Remote locations no longer need to struggle with the barrier of accessing energy sources, nor do they need to grapple with the lack of connectivity to the rest of the world – emerging technology is quickly seeking to close this gap.

People, objects, and things – online and offline, one to one, one to many, or many to many; are now connected using digital technology. We form part of communities that generate energy and that store, analyse, and manage data collected by sensors and mobile terminals through a growing and established network.

connected communities insights
of Australians have access to 5G consumer technology
of the world have access to 5G consumer technology
466 million
Internet of Things connections by the end of 2030
average Internet of Things devices per household
of Australia’s energy generation comes from renewable resources

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Our role in building Connected Communities

  • We connect communities to reliable and sustainable energy sources.
  • Our strong infrastructure expertise ensures future-fit communities that can flexibly evolve and grow.
  • Bundled and hybrid offerings, ensure sustainability is kept front-of-mind.
  • We build greater connections across and within communities through our connectivity solutions and 5G planning and deployment technology.
  • Meters become significant points of presence to enable future intelligent city capabilities.
Energy & Infrastructure

We make your energy and infrastructure ambitions a reality.

As an end-to-end, integrated solution provider we specialise in high voltage design, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning; also offering variations of bundled and hybrid energy solutions; renewable solutions; as well as the very latest in decarbonisation of transport options. Our vast array of modern energy products and services enables us to meaningfully tailor-make solutions that meet the unique needs of every customer.

Transmission & Distribution
Renewables – Generation & Storage
Looking for Energy Supplies?

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going — we’ve got you covered.

We deliver tailored, specialist telecommunications solutions at competitive prices across Australia. Recognised for delivering reliability and value, our suite of fully customisable telecommunications solutions efficiently and effectively transmits information to meet every business need.

Cloud Connect

We’re connecting communities and changing the way people live and work through emerging digital technology.

Our intelligent solutions solve complex challenges to deliver maximum value. Through data science, machine learning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, we offer a contemporary ‘as a service’ business model, forging new ways forward with our portfolio of Internet of Things, facilities access management and a broad range of professional services to support them.

5G Planning & Deployment
Internet of Things
Dedicated Networks
Professional Services

Through market-leading solutions, our data insights will empower decisions and transform business.

As an AEMO accredited service-provider with over 20 years proven Australian metering market experience. We pride ourselves in leading delivery of high-quality metering solutions.

Embedded Network Metering
Data & Analytics
Ancillary Metering Solutions
Multi-Utility Sub-Metering

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