Delivering high speed internet to a remote farm

Yurika delivered fast, reliable and affordable internet to a farm operating in a remote area with minimal infrastructure.


Yurika’s client had an ADSL2 service that could not support the production operations of the farm and its 200 staff during peak picking time. The challenge was delivering improved internet access to an isolated area with limited infrastructure.



The Yurika team built a high capacity radio link from the farm to a substation. Yurika also leveraged its own extensive network in regional Queensland by connecting it to a new fibre optic cable that was previously installed between Bundaberg and Gin Gin.


The result was fast, reliable and affordable Wi-Fi access that not only kept the fruit pickers happy but also delivered significant efficiency gains for the farm. Other businesses and customers in the area have also benefited from the new fibre connection. This project shows how Yurika can rise to a challenge and think outside of the box to meet clients’ needs and help improve their business.

Please read our case study for more information about this project:

Delivering high speed internet case study (PDF, 243KB)