Enabling video conferencing in record time

Learn how we equipped regional and remote community health centres to communicate via videolink with a large hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our client urgently needed infrastructure to enable video linkups between a large hospital and community health centres in regional and remote areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge was working within restrictions set by government health officials to deliver a solution as quickly as possible


To fast track the project and comply with COVID-19 restrictions, we deployed a local team to work on the project. Our team worked tirelessly to design, build and commission the infrastructure in record time. Importantly, we complied with all safety protocols and wore the correct protection equipment to minimise any risk of spreading the virus. As a result, we safely and quickly delivered two 1000 Mb E-Line services from the hospital to two local community health sites, enabling fast and reliable video conferencing between the sites.

Please read our case study for more information about this project.


Our client was delighted with how quickly we delivered an outcome for them. As a result of the new video link:

  • health professionals, other front-line staff and patients in regional and remote locations can communicate with medical experts
  • the health system can spread its workload across the community health centres, reserving the capacity of the hospital during the pandemic.