Imagine a new type of grid that offers your business energy independence. Yurika’s microgrids provide localised delivery of reliable, economical and eco-friendly energy. Your business can benefit greatly from this ‘bottom-up’ energy solution, by meeting some or all of your electricity needs.

Microgrids are small networks of electricity users with a local source of energy supply attached to a centralised grid, which can also function independently. As an energy solution, microgrids can act as a back-up for the grid in case of emergencies or heavy demand. They also allow communities (particularly remote and edge-of-grid communities) to be more energy independent, and in some cases, more environmentally-friendly.

The Lockhart River Project

Yurika, on behalf of the Queensland Government, is installing 200 kW of Solar PV on the Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council and Department of Education and Training’s buildings at Lockhart River with Electrical Contractors. Yurika was involved in the procurement and selection of the tenderer and is overseeing the installation.

With unrivalled capabilities and a proven track record, we offer two microgrid systems – isolated and edge-of-grid.

Rest assured that when you manage your microgrid with Yurika, we will design a technically and commercially optimal solution specifically for your site. And that’s good news for your business.


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