Smart connected solar

Born from generations of knowledge and experience, our Smart Connected Solar is delivering a fresh and positive approach to powering business. Our solar solution is an integrated, data-driven, smart solar energy solution that will put your business in control by streamlining your energy management. Let us show you how to take sustainable energy to the next level with Smart Connected Solar.


Our Smart Connected Solar makes a good business smarter, more sustainable and future proof through a fully modular system of products and services customised for your business. With our solar solution we’ll be there with you all the way. We will analyse the energy consumption and generation capabilities of your business. We will design, deliver and install a solution providing maximum benefit from proven technology and renewable sources. And we will monitor and continue to maintain your system into the future.

For more information download and print the Smart Connected Solar e-Brochure (PDF 1.8 mb).

Watch our time-lapse video of Smart Carpark Solar being constructed at the Cowboys Leagues Club.

Image of Smart Rooftop Solar installed on Cowboys leagues club roof

Smart Rooftop Solar

Use your roof to generate your own energy

These days, rooftop solar panels are common, but our solar solution is a significant step up from standard photovoltaic (PV) cells. As part of a bundled solution, your rooftop solar becomes smart – providing information, choice and control over how you choose to use it.

Image of Smart Carpark Solar in Cowboys leagues club carpark

Smart Carpark Solar

Turn your existing carpark into an energy source

Our modular standard solution can be customised, uses technology, unique insights and optimises generation to maximise customer choice. Smart Carpark Solar structures not only provide shade and weather protection for your vehicles, outdoor plant and equipment – they generate energy for your business too.

Watch our time-lapse video of Smart Carpark Solar being constructed at the Cowboys Leagues Club.

Image of smart meter system

Smart Meter System

Accurately measure and share your energy consumption

Our Metering Dynamics team will measure and communicate your energy data directly to you and your electricity provider – allowing you to monitor and better understand the patterns and nature of your business’s energy consumption. As a fully accredited Metering Coordinator, Meter Data Provider and Metering Provider, Metering Dynamics will provide your business with accurate, real-time recording and high quality useful data.

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Image of Smart Carpark Solar being installed in Cowboys carpark

Complete Installation

We will fully manage system installation, operations and maintenance

We provide the systems and infrastructure to connect your business to a better, smarter solar solution. We will manage the ordering, procurement, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of your Smart Solar System.

Animated image of house made of batteries

Battery Storage

Commercial-grade battery storage systems

Our battery storage solution allows you to maximise solar utilisation and capitalise on off-peak grid power to minimise demand charges. Battery storage also increases your overall resilience with a self-contained back up power supply.

Image of person using iPhone and laptop and connection with the cloud, servers and other devices.

Information Systems

Smart metering made smarter

Our information systems transfer your meter data to tailored software applications that provide insights into energy usage patterns and system performance. This gives you the ability to control usage, maximise generation and to optimise storage, which allows you to make smarter decisions on your business energy use and significant savings.

Solar panels facing the sun

VPP Connection

A cloud-based platform that provides access to additional revenue streams

Subscription and connection to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) gives your business the extra edge when it comes to managing your energy demands. Real-time adjustments can be made on-the-fly to maximise efficiency and minimise cost, taking into account the National Electricity Market and local demand. Our VPP comes into its own during peak demand events like heatwaves and cold snaps.

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Image of ev charging station

eVehicle Charging

Use the sun to charge your fleet of electric vehicles (eVehicles)

This emerging technology will position your business as a forward-thinking organisation. Our eVehicle charging solution allows you to provide free charging facilities for your customers or even create an additional income stream. The charging stations can supply charge from the grid, your solar or battery system.


We are focused on creating innovative solutions that meet your individual needs and help you save money.