Virtual Power Plant

Welcome to a whole new way of thinking about electricity – how we distribute it, how we use it and how we pay for it. The Virtual Power Plant is a cloud-based platform that intelligently manages different power sources and consolidates the information to create meaningful data that enables the supply of more affordable and reliable energy. This is a long-term, sustainable solution, allowing us to optimise the use of energy and put downward pressure on power prices. Your business could play an integral part.

A powerful business opportunity

Farms. Factories. Hospitals. Schools. All Queensland businesses have the opportunity to benefit from the Virtual Power Plant. It allows your business to optimise the use of your existing energy-producing assets (like rooftop solar, emergency generators, biogas, etc) – gaining an additional income stream with little or no extra effort.

This new technology will also provide your business with valuable, real-time data you can use to make smart decisions about the way you use power to reduce your bills. At Yurika, we think that’s pretty switched on.

The Virtual Power Plant provides a better way of producing and using energy – allowing your business to make the most of the assets you already have and eliminating the need for investment in expensive new infrastructure. It is a new way of thinking about power that we could all benefit from.

Diagram of how solar, battery storage, electric vehicles and other areas feed into the Virtual Power Plant


A new and refreshingly commonsense approach to using energy