By thinking outside the box, the Yurika Metering Dynamics team offers innovative end-to-end energy and utility management solutions for your business. Our intelligent metering platform technology collects, warehouses and distributes energy and utility information. This provides you with flexible, actionable meter information to help you use your electricity, water and gas meter data to make better decisions about your business usage.


First, we get to know your business, so we can tailor a metering solution to meet your specific needs. Our innovative information management systems help better manage your energy and water usage, resulting in significant efficiency gains and cost reductions. We also offer a selection of ‘add-on’ modules to assist with managing operations such as tenancy billing, plant consumption, implementing efficiency measures and building rating schemes.


We understand that you want to improve your efficiency, and we’re here to help make it happen. That’s why we offer a full range of energy and water measurement solutions specifically designed to help your business operate more efficiently. Talk to our experts to decide which ones suit you best.

Solution 1. National Electricity Market (NEM) Metering Services Provider

We can install, commission, gather and verify data remotely from meters within the NEM. Yurika's Metering Dynamics subsidiary company is accredited by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to provide Metering Coordinator (MC), Metering Provider (MP) and Metering Data Provider (MDP) services in the Australian NEM – Type 1-4 & 4A categories. Our NEM-related products and services include Metering Provider, Metering Data Agency and Meter Output Pulsing Services.

Solution 2. Information and Management Solutions

We’re committed to providing accurate, relevant and consistent information for your business. That’s why we’ve created systems that are dependable, flexible, secure and of course, user-friendly. Our range of cost effective, tangible solutions are designed to meet your information, resources and IT requirements, including products such as EMP Multi Plus, EMP Multi Plus – Environmental and Carbon Reporting, InfoDynamics and Power Quality reporting.

Solution 3. Multi-utility and Sub-metering Solutions

Our reliable and robust range of metering solutions helps your business run smarter and smoother, by enabling data to be remotely read from a range of metering points including electricity, gas, hot and cold water and waste water. Our high quality revenue and sub-metering solutions can also be remotely read from a range of metering applications. This data can then be forwarded to billing and information management systems. Our solutions include Sub-metering, Embedded Network Metering and Tenancy Metering.


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