The way we generate, distribute and consume energy is changing for the better. Sourcing cleaner energy to meet our needs in smarter, more efficient ways is getting easier.

Yurika is teaming up with innovation incubator EnergyLab to unearth and support bright sparks in Northern Queensland with ideas for a new energy future.

EnergyLab is Australia’s leading platform for launching new energy businesses. Its integrated approach draws on the community of clean energy entrepreneurs and offers a range of ways to engage and leverage their ideas, technologies and resources.

With improving technologies and greater integration there is potential for an accelerated freedom from fossil fuels, greater reliability, cheaper energy and the creation of new jobs in a quickly growing sector. Ultimately, improving our energy infrastructure means adopting a holistic approach to the whole system.

Startups are perfectly suited to spearheading this change from the ground up to lead economic growth and we’re very excited to be partnering with EnergyLab to drive clean energy entrepreneurship in Townsville.

We’ll be hosting a series of events at EnergyLab throughout 2019 and we encourage anyone wanting to learn more about operating in the renewables industry to come along.

To get involved or to read more, head to