Raewyn Mazlin

Treat each customer as you would want to be treated.

Client Services Manager, Yurika Metering

Raewyn has had over 11 years’ experience within the Electricity Industry. Over the past 8 years Raewyn has been leading frontline teams focussing on providing a high-quality customer experience from small market customers and service providers across the state of Queensland to working closely with industry partners nationally.   

 Being a highly motivated individual, Raewyn continues to expand her knowledge and experience within the electricity industry at every opportunity by working closely with our external partners and internal teams forming strong relationships and providing guidance and support to meet both customer and business needs.   

Raewyn is committed to a continuous improvement culture, always looking at ways to ensure effective and efficient service opportunities for our customer’s and understands that each customer has their own idea of what works best for their business, quickly able to adapt to ensure best outcomes for all involved. 

My areas of expertise:

Monetise with smart meters
Metering Equipment Testing & Calibration