Yurika’s Facilities Access Service brings together asset owners, and telecommunications network operators as part of the new 5G small cell deployment process. Central to this, is their unique asset grading capability.

“We’re able to provide asset owners a comprehensive view of the market value and potential demand for use of their assets, Yurika’s General Manager Digital Services, Grant Smith.

“This includes everything from power poles and street lighting to bus stops and large traffic signposts – we’re looking at any vertical structure that could have a 5G small cell device mounted on it.”

“Our service also provides telecommunications network operators, site acquisition, environment and design teams, and network planning teams, a quick and easy view of optimum locations for deployment of 5G small cell technology.”

“We’ve worked closely with both asset owners and operators to develop a mutually beneficial formula to grade assets.”

“We’re confident this will support more rigour around the deployment process for both parties, and ultimately, will also ensure much safer outcomes for our communities.”

“Having assets centrally managed through our new Facilities Access platform, ensures asset owners can maintain asset integrity as a result of the thousands of new devices being deployed,” said Grant.

As Australian communities prepare for 5G small cell deployment, Brisbane City Council is one of the first to sign up for the new asset grading services.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with Brisbane City Council as they gear up to facilitate this new era of 5G technology” said Grant.

“We’re also pleased to be working with a number of other Councils across Australia to develop a consistent regional approach to their asset management for purposes of this emerging 5G small cell deployment” he said.

With word of the new services quickly spreading, Yurika is receiving significant interest from across the country.

“For us, it’s about providing reliable, efficient and rapid deployment of this new technology across Australia” said Grant.

Yurika’s Executive General Manager, Carly Irving says that this new technology presents a critical milestone in the energy transition.

“5G small cell technology signals the start of better insights and decision making for businesses. It generates improved automation, quicker response times through edge computing, and more sophisticated artificial intelligence across a range of industries” Carly says.

Connecting everyone and every ‘thing’, this new 5G small cell technology promises greater capability for mission critical control and massive Internet of Things application and Yurika is behind it – every step of the way.

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