At Yurika we’re leading the charge in Australian energy transformation. Our workplace is a modern, diverse and rewarding environment where you can make a difference.

We’re primarily based in Queensland, with a rapidly expanding national footprint and locations in Brisbane, Townsville, Rockhampton, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart.

Take a look at what makes us the best, and the roles we have available.

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Our values-driven culture

We’re charged by a strong value-set that guides the way we work.

  • We are safe
    We prioritise the physical safety and mental wellbeing of our people, customers, and communities.
  • We belong
    We embrace diversity, empower all to excel, and unite to become stronger together.
  • We grow
    We foster both personal growth for collective success and innovation to build Queensland’s energy future.
  • We deliver
    We deliver on personal commitments to build our shared achievements.

Why work with us?

Job security

As a 100% government-owned business, our employees can be reassured that we’re financially sound. This enables you to concentrate on your career goals and frees you up to focus on your core day-to-day functions with certainty.

Respect, empowerment and authority

We respect who you are and empower you to make decisions and take responsibility for how you go about doing your jobs. We provide you a strategic framework (company mission, vision, values, goals, feedback) and make sure you play an important role in helping us to determine how to deliver it.

Opportunity for growth

As an employer of choice, you are encouraged to continue to develop your skills and your career. As part of our performance review cycle, we’re focussed on performance development planning, career paths, and training opportunities. We also leverage exciting on-the-job assignments help you expand upon your existing skills and grow new ones.


Employers of choice are committed to their employees and to their customers. This is reflected in everything from human resources policies to business strategies. This commitment plays out in retention and engagement strategies, as well as other work perks.

Access to information

We share an abundance of information with you that ranges from company financial progress and results, to the successes we share as a business.

Involvement and engagement

We love it when people get involved! We welcome suggestions, and encourage innovation. We have a number of working groups that forge new ways forward, plan events and fine tune important work processes.

Work life balance

We understand in today’s busy world, work-life balance such as flexible scheduling choices are important to us and you, likewise, we understand the importance of having different leave types available to you dependent on the many life events we encounter. We’re open to discussing what arrangements suit you best, and managing your leave arrangements in a way that delivers the outcomes we’re after.


With an established recognition program in place, we’re keen supporters of celebrating our successes. We provide continuous feedback about your performance, growth prospects, accomplishments, and areas that need development.

Employee volunteering opportunities

We recognise and are proud to support the important contribution volunteering makes in the community. We also know the very positive impact that employee volunteering has for our people.