Leveraging our extensive and nationally recognised experience in energy, connectivity, and sustainability.

We pride ourselves in delivering end-to-end, safe, sustainable, and affordable, future-fit solutions.

We take the complexity out of your business problems allowing you to focus on the outcomes you’re after with our suite of full turn-key, integrated solutions allow you to plug-and-play in a way that suits you best

We’re committed to providing you flexibility in choice – whether it’s the full end-to-end solution you’re after, or just a small component, you’re free to match services to the specific needs of your budget and project requirements.

Advise & consult

Working within a rapidly evolving business landscape, we recognise the complex and vast challenges that many of our customers face. 

Leveraging our extensive and nationally recognised experience; we pride ourselves on providing expert advice and consulting services to support our customers in making informed, evidence-based decisions. Our strategic advice provides valuable insights into building future-fit solutions. 

We provide independent and unbiased advisory services working closely with our customers to intricately understand challenges, collaboratively crafting and planning solutions to meet unique requirements. 

We offer advisory and consulting services across all our core capability areas: 

  • Energy & Infrastructure 
  • Energy Supplies 
  • Calibration & Testing 
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital 
  • Metering 

Plan & design

Spanning our broad range of capabilities including energy and infrastructure, telecommunications, digital and metering – we offer comprehensive planning and design services.  

By working closely with you, and applying a range of established procedures, we pride ourselves in understanding a variety of complex business problems and developing well-established, tried, tested and industry recognised frameworks that support sustainable solutions to solve them. 

Our long-standing experience and skill in project management, engineering and digital architecture ensures every element of your initiatives are comprehensively taken care of.

Build, construct & deploy

Boasting an extensive national footprint, we are resourced to build and construct energy and telecommunications infrastructure across Australia.

Supporting this, with 400,000 meters installed nation-wide, as well as a growing fleet of internet of things sensor devices, we have demonstrated large-scale installation and deployment experience. 

From EHV to HV to MV, we deliver a range of full turnkey solutions including comprehensive project and site management. We demonstrate extensive experience in design, manufacture, installation testing and commissioning across:  

  • primary plant 
  • civil and structural 
  • secondary systems 
  • protection and control 
  • communication and metering 

In addition, we offer state-of-the-art, in-house testing and commissioning capability. As well as holding full NATA certification, we also have a proven track record in delivering AEMO and NSP requirements. 

Complementing our range of delivery capabilities are also a range of Energy Supplies. With a diverse range of 27,000+ products our energy supplies range boasts choice and affordability fit to meet the needs of every unique project.

Operate & maintain

Working across a broad range of industries we are recognised for our longstanding, trusted experience in operations and maintenance of high voltage networks, energy storage systems and renewables. 

When it comes to high voltage assets, experience, specialisation, and safety are paramount. Our highly experienced field services team routinely conducts:  

  • substation maintenance  
  • communication maintenance  
  • test maintenance  
  • safety testing  
  • line works and line maintenance  
  • inspection of overhead distribution system  
  • thermography of high voltage connections  
  • substation earth resistance tests  
  • protection system inspection and maintenance  
  • approval of the maintenance schedule 

And if it’s renewables you’re looking at, our extensive capabilities include preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, as well as extraordinary maintenance.

High Voltage Testing Services

We have a range of comprehensive, accredited and industry recognised calibration and testing services including:  

  • reference standard calibration 
  • instrument calibration 
  • equipment test and inspection 
  • metering equipment test and calibration 

We recognise it’s not always possible for you to be on call, and so that’s where our around-the-clock on-call service operations centre kicks in.  Providing you peace of mind, particularly for your remote and/or regional locations we offer a dedicated contact centre solution. Here, our team monitor your networks and systems, measure data, manage faults and maintenance; as well coordinate any necessary fault rectification. We monitor all of this right down to individual device and alarm level. We’re committed to offering you full maintenance of your assets and services 24/7, 365 days of the year and are happy to make these solutions for each client on a site-by-site basis.  

Our capabilities in action