Working within a rapidly evolving business landscape, we recognise the complex and vast challenges that many of our customers face. Our suite of integrated solutions allow ‘plug-and-play’ in a fit-for-purpose and meaningful way. We’re committed to providing flexibility and choice — whether it’s a complete solution, or just a small component, we can match services to budget and project requirements.

Advise & consult

Leveraging our extensive and nationally recognised experience; we pride ourselves on providing independent, unbiased consultation to support our customers in making informed, evidence-based decisions. 

We offer advisory and consulting services across all our core capability areas: 

  • Energy & Infrastructure 
  • Energy Supplies 
  • Calibration & Testing 
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital 
  • Metering 

Plan & design

Spanning energy and infrastructure, telecommunications, digital and metering — we offer comprehensive planning and design services.

Working with our customers, we pride ourselves in being a delivery partner who understand and undertake complex and technical challenges. Our tried, tested and industry recognised frameworks, along with a team of specialists, support sustainable and fit-for-purpose solutions. 

We are experts in project management, engineering and digital architecture to ensure every requirement is addressed.

Build, construct & deploy

Boasting an extensive national footprint, we are resourced to construct energy and telecommunications infrastructure across Australia.

We demonstrate experience in design, manufacture, installation testing and commissioning across:  

  • primary plant 
  • civil and structural 
  • secondary systems 
  • protection and control 
  • communication and metering 

With 400,000+ meters installed nation-wide, as well as a growing fleet of IOT devices, we have demonstrated large-scale installation and deployment experience. 

Along with our in-house testing and commissioning, we also have a proven track record in delivering AEMO and NSP requirements. 

Operate & maintain

We are recognised for our long-standing, trusted experience in operations and maintenance of high voltage networks, energy storage systems and renewable energy.

High voltage assets are our wheelhouse. Our highly experienced field services team routinely conducts:  

  • substation maintenance  
  • communication maintenance  
  • test maintenance  
  • safety testing  
  • line works and maintenance  
  • overhead distribution system inspections 
  • thermography of high voltage connections  
  • substation earth resistance tests  
  • protection system inspection and maintenance  
  • approval of the maintenance schedule 

To monitor, our on-call service operations centre provides monitoring of networks and systems, measures data, faults and maintenance; as well coordinates fault rectification.  24/7, 365 days a year.  

To maintain, our team are recognised for their service excellence, quality and reliability in instrument, equipment and electrical testing.

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