Yurika’s metering business, previously known as Metering Dynamics, provides intelligent metering technology, data and insights to market operators and market participants, including energy retailers, networks and large customers across Australia.

Yurika’s metering business owns, operates and manages the infrastructure that collects, warehouses, analyses and distributes utility metering data and is accredited to provide metering services in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

With decades of experience, Yurika can help you to make informed decisions about your energy and water usage to improve your operating efficiency and realise cost reductions.

NEM metering for business and residential

Yurika’s metering business is registered by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) as a Metering Coordinator (MC) and accredited to provide Metering Provider (MP) and Metering Data Provider (MDP) services to business and residential customers in the NEM for all Type 1-4 meters. Read more about NEM metering.

Embedded network metering services

As an accredited Embedded Network Manager (ENM), Yurika’s metering business provides embedded network metering services to enable embedded network operators to gain access to electricity consumption data, helping them understand tenant usage and bill accurately. Read more about embedded network metering.

Multi-utility and sub-metering

Yurika can install metering at strategic points along your utility supply line to measure electricity, gas and water usage for specific components, areas or outcomes. Yurika’s multi-utility and sub-metering services can help you save money and meet compliance requirements. Read more about multi-utility and sub-metering.

Ancillary metering solutions

Get more from your metering installation. Yurika’s ancillary metering solutions enable integration of your metering infrastructure to your existing systems, such as building management systems. Read more about ancillary metering.

Data and analytics

Better manage your utility and energy consumption with relevant insights from Yurika’s cost effective data and analytics solutions, tailored to suit your needs, resources and IT requirements. Read more about data and analytics.


Yurika operates nationally and has a proven track record of delivering metering solutions that help Australian businesses turn their biggest challenges into opportunities.

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