Data & analytics

At Yurika, we are committed to providing information that is accurate, relevant and consistent. This is why we have created systems that are easy-to-use, dependable, flexible, and secure.

Our data and analytics solutions enable your customers to better manage their utility and energy consumption through a range of cost-effective solutions suitable for various information needs, resources and IT requirements.

No matter your requirements, we have an information solution for you:

  • Data Provision (NEM12)
  • InfoDynamics
  • ActiveDash
  • EMP Multi Plus
  • near RealTime data (nRT)
  • Power Quality Reports.

Data Provision

Large customers or third parties acting on a customer’s behalf, can request their metering data on an AdHoc or recurring basis (charges may apply). Small (residential) customers should request meter data from their retailer.

We will provide interval metering data in a NEM12 format. NEM 12 file is the current Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) format for interval data and is widely used in the electricity industry.

Please refer to the MDFF NEM12 Guide (PDF 800.5 kb) for more details.

NEM12 files can incorporate usage data from:

  • Type 1-4 NEM metering
  • multi utility metering (including water and gas).

* Third parties requesting data on behalf of a customer must provide evidence of consent from the customer.


InfoDynamics is an intuitive online data management and information reporting tool which enables customers to make informed management decisions regarding electricity, gas and water consumption.

Please refer to the InfoDynamics - Enhanced Brochure (PDF 1.1 mb) for more details.

The two main functions of InfoDynamics are:

Graph Now

  • Quickly visualise your metering data
  • compare up to 12 meters in one graph
  • export graphs as CSV or PDF
  • select different chart types (line, column, area, stack)
  • select data types (interval, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • select consumption, generation and demands views of data.

Report Scheduling

  • produce reports and data extracts for multiple meters at once
  • transform your data into valuable insights using a range of predesigned reports
  • schedule reports to be produced on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis
  • schedule reports to be emailed to yourself and other recipients
  • manage active report schedules
  • view reports produced in the past 90 days (select the [View Reports] tab).

Both the graphing and reporting functionality identifies the National Meter Identifier/s (NMI/s), data status (missing or substitute data) along with usage values. Values vary based on graph or report selected, key values available include:

  • kWh
  • kVARh
  • Power Factor (PF)
  • Max Demand (kVA / kW)
  • Common Peak, off-peak, shoulder splits
  • Solar generation.


Active Dash is our online platform specifically designed to allow you to view and benchmark your energy and utility consumption and includes the ability to view interval consumption data across multiple facilities with diverse consumption profiles.

Please refer to the ActiveDash Brochure (PDF 1.2 mb) for more details.

ActiveDash has been designed to provide your team with situational context of your utility usage, giving you and your employees the ability to:

  • access and visualise your data whilst on-site via mobile devices and tablets
  • gain an understanding of usage without technical knowledge, through the intuitive graphical display
  • see the complete range of our metered utilities on site, including water and gas sub-metering
  • visualise near RealTime data.

EMP Multi Plus

EMP Multi Plus is an Integrated software platform specifically designed to monitor and manage energy and utility consumption. This can be achieved across multiple geographically dispersed facilities with diverse consumption profiles.

Please refer to the EMP Multi Plus Brochure (PDF 1.9 mb) for more details.

EMP Multi Plus is a user friendly and flexible platform that enables users to understand and investigate consumption anomalies. This enables users of EMP Multi Plus to deliver tangible value to their business by:

  • reviewing historical and current data trends for consumption management
  • calculating cost implications due to process changes
  • validating electricity accounts
  • benchmarking sites for utility efficiency
  • providing a multi-site and multi-utility data repository for current and future environmental compliance and management reporting
  • preparing for and evaluating tenders.
  • graphical data representation
  • Co2 reporting.

EMP Multi Plus has proven to be an effective solution and product of choice for many of Australia’s leading corporations, manufacturers, facility managers, multi-nationals and household brands.

near RealTime data (nRT)

Our near RealTime solution provides near real-time energy consumption. More specifically, five-minute interval data is delivered directly from the electricity metering points through a secure communication channel in near real time - typically within 15 seconds after the end of the interval.

Please refer to the near RealTime Data Brochure (PDF 332.2 kb) for more details.

Power Quality Reports

A power quality report can assist in the identification of power supply issues allowing you to rectify them before extra damage is done. Yurika Metering currently offers a standardised voltage and current report which is compatible with over 90% of our metering fleet (Including single and three phase meters).

Yurika’s metering business must be nominated as your Metering Data Provider to provide Power Quality Reports.

Please refer to the Power Quality Reporting Fact Sheet (PDF 673.0 kb) for more details.

Contact us for further information and to understand which of our data and analytics products will best serve your needs.