Less than two years ago, almost a third of Australia’s total electricity generation came from renewable energy sources and it’s predicted to be as much as 75% in the next few decades.

Since forming in 2016, Yurika has been responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining electricity and telecommunication networks, behind the meter services, substations and network connections to provide the backbone for Queensland’s renewables revolution.

As we continue to transition towards net zero, Yurika’s growing team is leading the way in the design and management of energy and infrastructure projects as well as its development of smart information products.

“The phenomenal growth of the renewable energy industry has provided us with the opportunity to grow our operations and maintenance services,” said Executive General Manager Yurika, Belinda Watton.

“These services are essential to ensure the longevity, efficiency, and reliability of renewables infrastructure into the future.”

From maintaining high voltage assets that connect large scale wind and solar installations to the national grid, to delivering battery energy storage solutions and fully integrated electric charging solutions – Yurika’s monitoring, and maintenance programs ensure optimum energy production and minimal project downtime.

“Yurika’s teams work across Australia providing proactive support to a range of businesses” Belinda said.

“With regular inspections, preventative maintenance and prompt repairs – our teams identify and address potential issues before they escalate, contributing towards overall sustainability goals”.

Unlocking the value of renewables begins with intelligent meters. Yurika’s metering products and services provide precise and reliable measurements of energy consumption, production, and distribution, accurate billing, smart analytics and efficient grid management which in turn drives success through renewable energy integration.

Monitoring and maintaining reliable telecommunication networks, including base stations, antennas and data centers has become a crucial part of managing network disruptions and in optimising availability and performance of critical systems around the clock.

“We’re really proud of the monitoring capability we have in our 24/7 services operations centre.  It’s services like these that are largely responsible for improving safety and operational efficiency of renewable energy systems for our clients”.

As we navigate the challenges brought on by the ever-changing energy landscape, Yurika is committed to delivering operational and maintenance services for the seamless integration of renewable energy in a new interconnected world.

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