From inside the hustle and bustle of Yurika’s Service Operations Centre, our Brisbane-based technicians are on call, remotely managing, triaging and responding to faults and queries from across the country.  

From councils to enterprises, remote mine sites and massive renewable energy sites, our Service Operations Centre monitors and manages telecommunication and electrical networks and systems across a broad range of industries.  

“Each business is unique, and we understand that” said Yurika’s General Manager Telecommunications & Digital, Tony Riley 

“That’s why we provide customised solutions that cater to the very specific needs and challenges of the diverse and dynamic industries we service”.   

So, what’s involved and what exactly does Yurika’s Service Operations Centre offer? Glad you asked!  

Through careful analysis of data patterns and traffic – we monitor, manage, measure, maintain, and optimise your network.  

Whether it’s fibre optic failures, or software glitches, we’re armed with modern technology to trouble-shoot your connectivity interruptions. We monitor alarm trends, device health, network usage, costs and faults. Our mission is not only to fix issues, but to proactively identify issues before they snowball into problems. Our priority is to make sure your network isn’t just functional, but that it’s operating at peak efficiency. 

Through real-time monitoring and threat detection systems, we can be digital guardians fortifying your business against cyber-attacks, safeguarding your sensitive information. 

“From remote locations to busy cities, we recognise that reliable telecommunications are critical, providing a crucial backbone to business success” said Tony.  

“Our role at Yurika is not only to help businesses survive, but to power them to thrive in this digital era”. 

Connectivity is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s no longer just about making a call – it’s about making the right connections to power your success. 

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