Environmental concerns are the top reason most people are considering buying an EV, but you might be surprised by some of the other drivers, as well as the concerns of those not yet convinced.

In a recent study* researchers asked 13,000 people looking to buy a car about their intent to buy an EV, their car buying journey process, their motivations and concerns. More than half the participants intended to purchase some type of EV (whether fully electric, plug-in hybrid, or hybrid). Their reasons included:

  1. Environmental concerns
  2. Rising penalties on ICE vehicles
  3. Monetary incentives
  4. Lower cost of ownership
  5. EVs now have longer ranges

The most noted concerns about EVs for those not yet convinced to make the change included:

  1. Lack of charging stations in their city/driving route
  2. range anxiety
  3. Upfront cost
  4. Absence of adequate home or work charging infrastructure
  5. Charging/running costs.

*Source: EY Mobility Consumer Index 2022 Study

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