Yurika Executive General Manager Charles Rattray said the community scale battery project was part of Energy Queensland’s commitment to energise Queensland Communities by providing more resilience and quality of supply.

“Batteries are going to play a big part in helping with reliability of electricity networks with so much renewable energy being brought on-line right across Australia,” Charles said.

“The community-scale battery at Bohle Plains adds a 4MW/8MWh buffer capable of powering 4000 homes for about an hour to help soak up some of the excess renewable energy being fed into the electricity grid during the day. It can also be used to help out during demand peaks.

Townsville was chosen for the grid-connected battery because of the high number of rooftop solar systems and its proximity to electricity infrastructure.

“This may also take some pressure off substations and other power assets and provide us with valuable data for our parent company Energy Queensland to help make decisions for future spending on some network infrastructure, which ultimately may help to push electricity prices down.”