Our case studies

Building Sustainable, Regional Infrastructure
Renewables giant sees 30MW Corowa Solar Farm connected to the network to power retailers.
Mega Regional Solar Rollout
Renewables giant sees 60MW Wagga Wagga Solar Farm connected to the network to power retailers.
Connecting Power Stations to Grid
A commissioned substation connection sees regional expansion
Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH)
Build and operate the world’s longest electric superhighway in a single State.
Substation upgrade
A commissioned utilities connection in Northern Territory (11kV augmentation)
Susan River Solar Farm Substation
Design, Construct and Transfer a 66kV/33 kV 74 MVA solar farm substation in nine months
Powering retailers with solar energy
Realised cost savings and delivered on QIC’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.
Connecting council services
We successfully increased our client’s data speed from between 2 and 10 Mbps to 1 to 10 Gbps.
Creating industry-leading metering technology for a marine environment
Yurika developed an innovative and cost-effective metering solution to record the electricity and water consumption of berthed vessels at port.
Game-changing way to manage assets in remote locations
Yurika is changing the way utilities, businesses and councils will be able to collect data as well as monitor and manage assets and operations in remote locations.
Future proofing Cowboys Leagues Club
Yurika’s innovative design and cutting-edge smart solar technology helped the Cowboys Leagues Club tackle its energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
Information portal for a national hotel chain
Yurika provided a solution for a national hotel chain, with nearly 40 sites across Australia, that specified how much gas and water was being used at each hotel so they could meet their compliance reporting obligations.
Integrating renewable energy into remote communities
We delivered a renewable energy solution featuring secure remote monitoring capabilities that was integrated with the local power station and across multiple remote site.
Remote medical access
Communicating via video link with a large hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sub-metering solution for a 30-storey high-rise
We developed a sub-metering solution for the owner of a 30-storey high-rise that enabled them to measure and monitor the electricity consumption of each of their tenants.
Building a world of opportunity with solar power solutions
Delivered the high voltage infrastructure for a 96,000 panel solar farm during a pandemic.
Smart connected solar
Yurika designed, constructed and integrated a 452kW Smart Connected Solar Solution, which included installation of 1,222 solar panels and 14 inverters, spread across five building rooftops.