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Yurika is part of Energy Queensland – the largest, wholly government-owned electricity company  in Australia.

Our vast power industry experience draws upon 100+ years of experience in generation, transmission, and distribution power systems across Queensland. With demonstrated and longstanding industry experience, we leverage the expertise of our people to present a proven track record.

Through our rapidly growing national footprint, our teams work across all areas of energy, connectivity, and sustainability and can deliver projects of any size or scope from start through to full completion.

We take a customised approach to every project to ensure a best fit approach and partner with businesses and communities through a suite of integrated products and services to power possibilities for a cleaner, greener future.

Proudly part of Energy Queensland

Proud history in energy delivery
Energy supply products

Our values

We’re driven by a strong value-set that guides the way we work.

We strive for an ethical, safe and equitable working environment

Our commitment is to always conduct our business activities legally, ethically and to the highest possible standards of integrity and propriety. We will seek to always deliver outcomes that are aligned to our ethical, social and environmental priorities. 

 We always put safety first.  

Safe and reliable operations for our people, communities and customers is our top priority. We ensure our systems and processes fulfil regulatory and compliance obligations. We meticulously set and track assurance activities that improve health and safety as well as promote ongoing continuous improvement.  

We energise and connect communities.  

We strive to leave a legacy that is fair and equitable in the way we do our work. We listen to the needs of our customers and communities by providing state-of-the-art, reliable services and products that help address a plethora of contemporary business challenges. We partner with our customers to deliver more choice and offer greater possibilities for Australian and global communities.  

Our points of difference

Combined with our extensive skills and experience, we offer end-to-end, fit-for-purpose solutions that drive contemporary use of energy, improve connectivity and promote sustainable business outcomes.

Our customers

We will continue to work with and value the partnership with Yurika in the future.

Yurika has been an integral partner since opening our data centre in 2018. The team have been accommodating and responsive at all times. Feedback from our customers who utilise the services has been 100% positive.

John Henderson — Pulse DC

Impressed by the quality and level of service offered by Yurika.

Adani have been working with Yurika’s Telecoms for the past couple of years. They have delivered a number of high speed internet connections to sites across Queensland. Adani have been impressed with the quality and level of service from Yurika and find the Yurika team excellent to work with on projects.

Rajesh Goyal — Adani Australia

Process was handled very professionally by Yurika.

I would recommend Yurika and their service to anyone who struggles with the NBN speeds via satellite or who is on ADSL – especially with old copper lines which are quite common in rural areas.

Stephen Stenhouse — Stengroup

Yurika – our trusted supplier.

IRC has worked with Yurika for over five years now and they are one of our most trusted technology suppliers.

Robert Kane — Isaac Regional Council

Yurika has an extensive data network and associated infrastructure throughout regional Queensland.

An innovative solution from Yurika allowed BT to deliver cost effective high speed data services to a number of large mining operations in remote parts of Queensland. Yurika were able to provide these services due to their extensive data network and associated infrastructure throughout regional Queensland which resulted in reduced capital costs.

Shane Drury — BT Australasia Pty Ltd

Yurika are a conscientious company with an excellent work ethic.

We have been working together on a transmission line for Pine Gap. I have the upmost respect for Yurika, and have found them to be honest and diligent in their dealings with TGen.  Yurika have never tried to hide any issues and ‘come to the table’ with solutions.  I cannot recommend them enough for substation or transmission line works, especially for here in the NT.

Ian McNee — Territory Generation

Yurika – our trusted partner.

We have worked closely with Yurika since 2017. During this time, we have successfully delivered together 5+ projects in the renewable sector. Feedback from our clients has always been excellent, with our projects expressed as being of the highest quality, standard and service. We are proud to collaborate and be associated with Yurika as our partners. We look forward to building more sustainable projects together in the future.

Carlos López — Gransolar Group

Always met our calibration requirements in a professional and friendly way.

The relationship between Electronic &  Mechanical Calibrations and Yurika have always benefited both businesses and added quality of service to our customers.

Carlos Ortega — Electronic & Mechanical Calibrations

Accessible, friendly with an excellent customer service attitude.

Yurika is a valued supplier partner of Haymans Electrical with the technical and commercial knowledge to assist us with the following

  • Supply both large and small Projects and Customers
  • Extensive range of products that can be accessed
  • Ability to provide security of supply through COVID
  • Supply quality products
Michael Colthurst — Haymans Electrical

Brody and team at Yurika have been unbelievable service!

From pre job communication, setting expectations, to completion, shipping and documentation – every step has been easy, timely and cost efficient. Thank you for your service and we look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship.

Cassie Westaway — Territory Instruments

Yurika has been Redmond Gary’s testing company of choice for many years.

With their passionate and knowledgeable staff, it doesn’t matter whether our requirement is routine testing or one off R&D projects, they have the equipment and the know how to test it.

Pete Danks — Redmond Gary

Pacific Energy sees a great future working with Yurika

Elisha and the Yurika team have supplied all our HV materials for the past 5 years across the South Pacific,  ranging from Power Poles, Crossarms, Transformers and many other High Voltage items.

The attention to detail, quality of the materials supplied, the planning involved, the quality of the packing and security of the items has been world class. Special mention to the Material Logistics team in Rockhampton. This team is one of the best I have dealt with.

Geoff Williams — Pacific Energy Group Pty

Yurika brings a collaborative and agile approach

Yurika were able to bring a collaborative and agile contracting approach to managing the challenges of working on a live high voltage brownfield site.

The project was completed successfully and has met the expectations of Design and Construct contract delivery model.

Philip Small — PowerWater