Yurika developed an innovative and cost-effective metering solution to record the electricity and water consumption of berthed vessels at port.


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There were limited suitable and cost-effective solutions available in the market, so we assembled an expert team of engineers and project managers to create our own. The team designed and built an industry-first marine pedestal that’s convenient to use, easy to maintain and space-saving. We also developed a new, intuitive user interface in our InfoDynamics user portal to allow our client to quickly visualize, compare, chart and export their metering data.


Thanks to our innovative solution:

  • the client has an easy and accurate way to record electricity and water consumption, that’s a big improvement on their previous manual approach,
  • the client has access to a range of data analysis tools, enabling better planning and improved revenue collection, and
  • we have a recognised technical specification and process that can be deployed to other ports and marinas throughout Australia.

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