Yurika developed a sub-metering solution for the owner of a 30-storey high-rise that enabled them to measure and monitor the electricity consumption of each of their tenants.


The client’s building had over 30 floors of commercial office space and 10 retail outlets, with no way of measuring how much electricity each tenant was consuming. They wanted to monitor each tenant’s usage and recover exact costs, as well as measure the energy efficiency and compliance of the building.

Residential and retail high rise building with sub-metering


Yurika installed more than 65 sub-meters that measure both mechanical and tenancy loads. Yurika also provided information management tools that capture daily data on electricity usage and provide summary reports, benchmarking and compliance reports. Much of the work was done outside of business hours to minimise disruption to tenants, and the project was completed in just 10 weeks.


This solution went above and beyond the client’s expectations. They now have an easy to use, innovative and integrated software platform that:

  • Puts them and their tenants in charge of their electricity
  • Gives them the information they need to improve the energy efficiency of the building
  • Ensures they meet their compliance obligations.
Multi-Utility Sub-Metering
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