We’re making progress on one of the largest battery projects in Queensland. Stanwell’s Tarong Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project now has its 164 Tesla Megapacks in place, proudly installed by Yurika.

Built adjacent to the Tarong power stations, the Tarong BESS is the first dispatchable energy project for Stanwell, which on completion will be able to discharge 300MW of energy into the National Electricity Market (NEM) for up to two hours. The BESS is one piece in the puzzle to help Queensland transition away from coal-fired generation and deliver clean, reliable energy.

Charged by renewable energy from the sun and wind, the BESS will be capable of charging and discharging into the NEM several times a day. This helps provide for a more stable generation approach, by helping balance the peaks and troughs that occur naturally with renewable energy generation. It also helps maintain grid stability by responding within milliseconds to broader energy market demands.

Construction began in September 2023 and is making excellent progress, with the Megapacks now installed. With the support of local contractors, Yurika crews are focused on electrical balance of plant work including connecting the Megapacks to MV transformers and installing HV underground conduits and cable. We’re also preparing for the delivery of two switch rooms, as we look towards these batteries supplying electricity to the grid from early 2025.

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